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  • Doojoon: Hello! B2uties. This is Beast's Doojoon. 5 weeks passed by so quickly. Really. It was a time. With a lot of talks and a lot of problems!! Thanks to you guys every single day was fun and joyful! Singing on a broadcast show after a year was unfamiliar. And I think it was even more unfamiliar because so many hoobae singers have debuted. Amidst this ever changing environment, because I feel that we and you all haven't changed, it was a really. Prideful promotion period. From now on. Very often. We will release albums and be together with you guys for an even longer time. It was a short 5 weeks where. I've realized a lot. And learned new things. Everyone! Even if you're disappointed. Trust us and wait for us for a little bit longer! I dare to make this request! More than anything. Take care of your health. I am always sorry. And thankful. I love you. ♥
  • Hyunseung: Hello B2uties...!! It's Hyunseung~ This short time where I was able to feel how precious you are and how thankful we are to you, I won't forget it~ It's taking up one page of my mind once again~. 2013 July and August. I hope that the memories from July and August 2013 were beautiful and happy for you guys. Like it was for me!!^.^ I will work hard so that I match up to your cheers and voices~!! I'm always thankful~ Let's make good memories again from September to December!~ I love you~!! Wow~!!
  • Junhyung: Hello, it's Junhyung. The promotions for HLHL have come to an end. We started this with a huge burden on us but thanks to the huge amount of love from our B2uties, it was a promotion that became a good memory. From now on we will repay you with songs that are cooler and good to listen to. And performances too. I love you. Peace~!
  • Yoseob: Hello? This is Yang Yoseob who is rumored to have the worst handwriting. Ah.. The fact that I'm writing this as our promotions come to an end, is really sad and a pity and disappointing. I wanted to promote for a little longer T_T. During our short promotion period, I feel like we received a lot of love so I am feeling very good!! <You've probably realized by now, right..? Keke sorry for having horrible handwriting> Having to ask you once again to wait for us is really.. I feel so sorry T_T But I don't think we'll have any serious hiatuses from now on!! We have to quickly come out with a new song in order for us to keep that promise, right!! ♥ We will come back cooler, after having practiced a lot more, and after having improved a lot more!! Thank you for making such great memories with us during this short time!! I love you. -Beast's Yang Yoseob who's rumored to have the worst handwriting-
  • Gikwang: Hi!! It's Gikwang!! Good to see you ^_^!! I don't know how long it's been since I've written a handwritten letter like this to someone ~_~ Haha but that's why I think it's a letter that has more meaning to it! ㅎ_ㅎ Anyway! As much as you've waited for this album, I feel like we've received so much love that I feel that we were always happy during this promotion!! We've really felt how much our B2uties have waited for us!! The words that Beast really wouldn't exist without B2uties! Although I've said it in a joking way, those are words that really have my sincerity in them more than anything ^_^! Because we had our B2uties, this promotion was really fun and I feel like I was able to be happy until the end!!_!! So that you don't wait long for the albums that are to come, we'll prepare them as quickly as possible and come back even cooler so until then don't cheat on us and only look at us! Thank you and I love you ^_^ ♥
  • Dongwoon: To B2uty ♥ Hi~ It's me ^_^ We promoted with a new album after a year.. It was a time where we prepared zealously, anticipated a lot, and worried a lot.. We were happy that much as well and we've also had a lot of regrets. From now on, so that you can see our faces more often, we will prepare more quickly and come back so don't be too sad and look at us nicely :D Some people love us and some people hate us but we will work harder so that people can come to love our music. I believe the word 'limit' is something that you yourself makes. Everyone! Please look over us as we have to move up more. Please walk that path with us.. I am always thankful ♥

jaeseop and his chicken chest.

hehe i started LOL like kevin haha :D

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MBLAQ!! really like the song plus awesome choreography haah(; forever A+

one of the groups that just debuted and which i loved.. specially REN<3